South Downs Wedding With A View

There's something special about having your wedding in the South Downs National Park. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty just south of Horsham (where I'm fortunate enough to be based) and spreads from Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex. I must admit though that when I was first asked to photograph this wedding and the couple gave their reception venue as 'The village

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Blue skies for this wonderful wedding

I don't often photograph weddings for people I know well (there's too much of a pull between being a guest and work) but I do make exceptions in special circumstances. So when Richard and Katie asked me if I was available to photograph their wedding I couldn't turn it down as I knew it was going to be a really special day. I have known Katie's

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November Wedding at Horsham’s StMary’s Church

It's not often you get asked to photograph a wedding in November, but this was no ordinary November day. Admittedly it was bitterly cold, but it was such a beautiful clear day, with sunshine streaming through windows and a beautiful bride and dashing groom to boot. The November wedding date wasn't the only interesting aspect to this wedding, they had just got married a few

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Dan and Charlotte Swan’s wedding

It was a great privilege to be asked by Dan and Charlotte to photograph their wedding this summer. The wedding took place in Ottery StMary’s (Devon) Charlotte’s local parish church. The church, a 1/3 scale replica of Exeter’s Cathedral, was absolutely stunning, making for beautiful wedding photos of the lovely couple both inside and outside in the church grounds and even in the surrounding streets.

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Ian and Becky Baldry

When you are asked to capture a wedding at StMary's Church in Horsham followed by a Reception at the Mannings Heath Golf Club almost a year before the wedding date you know that you're dealing with people who want only the best from their wedding day. And Ian and Becky were no exception. I first met Ian and Becky over a coffee in Horsham town

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Andrew and Stacie’s Wedding

This weekend has been a very busy one for St Mary's Church in Horsham, with four weddings in one day! I was asked to photograph Andrew and Stacie's wedding, which was the third, and from the word go we knew we were up against the clock. The church had left us with only 15mins between the end of our service and the start of the

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Chris and Elke’s Wedding

Congratulations to Chris and Elke on a beautiful day which they've put on as they celebrate their wedding. This lovely couple have been through so much and it's great to see the past being put behind them as they look forward to a bright future together. The service, which was held at StMary's Church in Horsham was wonderful, with a mixture of hymns and modern

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360º Panorama Virtual Tour

A little sample of the sort of thing I'm working on at the moment... This is a 360º virtual tour of StMary's church in Horsham. If you know anyone who has, or you have a building that you'd like photographing and turning into one of these stunning 360º panoramas for a website, please get in touch by using the contact page. These panoramas were put

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