This weekend has been a very busy one for St Mary’s Church in Horsham, with four weddings in one day! I was asked to photograph Andrew and Stacie’s wedding, which was the third, and from the word go we knew we were up against the clock. The church had left us with only 15mins between the end of our service and the start of the next.

Stacie and Andrew’s service was beautiful, and watching Stacie coming down the aisle towards her groom, was a really emotional moment. But the look on Andy’s face said it all, love, joy and pride that Stacie had chosen him. With all their family and friends watching the ceremony and joining in, the service flew by and soon we were finished, just in time too as the guests, ushers and groomsmen for the next wedding were at the door waiting to come in. But you couldn’t steal the show from this beautiful couple who paused for a quick kiss as they exited the Horsham parish church. Now officially Mr and Mrs Murray!

Andrew and Stacie Murray

Congratulations to you both, you looked amazing and it’s great to see a couple so very much in love.
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