Congratulations to Chris and Elke on a beautiful day which they’ve put on as they celebrate their wedding. This lovely couple have been through so much and it’s great to see the past being put behind them as they look forward to a bright future together.

The service, which was held at StMary’s Church in Horsham was wonderful, with a mixture of hymns and modern worship communicating Chris and Elke’s strong Christian Faith to all those assembled. The sunflowers in the bride’s maids hair and their matching bouquet’s were stunning, especially in the sunlight outside HOrsham’s beautiful parish church. And the evening celebration at Slinfold Golf and Country club a few miles out from Horsham was equally beautiful, especially as I managed to capture some great photos of the bride and groom as they went to watch the sunset together between courses.

The whole day was very much a fairytale experience for me, the late summer sun, cool breeze, sunflowers quite literally everywhere and a wonderful bride and groom who are so evidently in love.

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer, it was a real joy to be a part of your day. I wish you both all the best in what is sure to be an exciting future for you both.