I don’t often photograph weddings for people I know well (there’s too much of a pull between being a guest and work) but I do make exceptions in special circumstances. So when Richard and Katie asked me if I was available to photograph their wedding I couldn’t turn it down as I knew it was going to be a really special day. I have known Katie’s family since I was a child, and more recently had the pleasure of photographing Katie’s family a few years ago when she and her children had recently moved back to the area from the South West. So when Richard appeared on the scene and a wedding was announced I was really excited for them as a couple.

One thing that I discovered when we met to discuss the wedding plans was that between them Richard and Katie have six teenage children, three each, and all of whom are a real pleasure to be around. I couldn’t help but just imagine the fun they’ll all have when they all go on holiday together…or maybe Richard and Katie will just skip that part and leave the kids to fend for themselves…anyway, I digress.

Back to the wedding…Katie and Richard were really specific about wanting to keep the wedding photography really informal, having both been married before, they didn’t want to spend much time capturing innumerable posed photos, and my main focus on their wedding day was photographing them, their family and guests (as well as a specific request to capture at least one photo of their pet dog) as they enjoyed celebrating their union.

The day arrived, and it’s always a pleasure to recognise almost everyone, from the make up artist, Ruth McGeown, an old friend who I haven’t seen in a few years and another old acquaintance, Anna, who was working on Katie’s hair as I arrived to capture a few pre-wedding photos of the bride and bridesmaids. With home made bunting flying from the house to the church and leading to the cricket club beyond, the flowers prepared by Fleurs, just up the road, the stage was set and ready for what was gearing up to be a spectacular wedding.


The wedding itself took place at the big parish church of StMary’s church in Horsham, which is a fantastic and truly beautiful wedding venue. Followed by canapes and speeches at Horsham’s cricket club (just around the corner) and finally the main evening dinner/reception at Ockenden Manor, another fantastic venue, where despite being a bit behind schedule due to the couple travelling down narrow country roads in a stunning vintage Bentley Continental, we managed to squeeze in a few minutes for a few couple photos before they needed to sit down for their evening meal.


Everything about the day was perfect, from the amount of personalisation the couple put into the day (especially the bunting!) the weather (wall to wall blue skies) and the fantastic couple themselves who were so relaxed and enjoyed a fantastic day. Here’s just a few of my favourite photos taken that day.