When you are asked to capture a wedding at StMary’s Church in Horsham followed by a Reception at the Mannings Heath Golf Club almost a year before the wedding date you know that you’re dealing with people who want only the best from their wedding day. And Ian and Becky were no exception.

I first met Ian and Becky over a coffee in Horsham town centre, we spent a while getting to know each other and talking through their plans for their wedding. It was clear to me that these two were a highly organised, fun and very much down to earth couple and I was excited to be asked to pay such an important part of their big day.

Their wedding took place at the end of September with the last of the summer warmth making for perfect weather during the day. And true to form the whole day was filled with friends, family and laughter, especially after Ian dropped the ring whilst trying to put it on Becky’s finger.

StMary’s church, is the parish church for the Horsham area, and as such provided a stunning venue for this obviously popular couple. With friends, family and relatives filling the seats it was a great atmosphere for the couple to enjoy and provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding ceremony and group photos.

As a photographer there’s always a lot of pressure to capture everything perfectly and not miss a moment, and often it’s left to me to ‘guess’ what people want me to capture, despite asking for as much information as possible before the big day. So it was great when Ian and Becky provided me with a list of names of all the important people, as well as a list of all the group photos that they wanted, along with a blow by blow breakdown of how the day was scheduled to run. This gave me the opportunity to know where I needed to be and who I needed to communicate with to capture all the important and beautiful moments of their day.

In the evening my role changed after the first dance from wedding photographer, to wedding photo booth provider and operator. And this was by far the busiest I think I’ve ever been at a wedding with my photo booth. We had couples and groups all evening long, having their photos taken and printing them so that they could all take part in Ian and Becky’s photographic guest book. And from the feedback we got from Ian and Becky as well as many of their guests this was one of the main highlights of their day.

Here’s what Becky had to say…

Alex White we are sitting in Mauritius on our honeymoon flicking through your photos from the guest book shoot at our wedding, they are fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing the rest on our return!Thank you so much!….

Followed by:

Looking back at our photographic guest book from our wedding and so so happy, and everyone else loved it too! Thanks Alex!! You were brilliant!

And a comment from one of their guests:

Awesome photos from the Becky and Ian Baldry Wedding. Can’t wait to see some more. Brilliant idea to have your studio at a wedding. Great fun and will be remembered.

Anyway, when we finally left the wedding at gone 11pm we were exhausted but really happy at the outcome of the day. It was fantastic and we can but hope that we have many more lovely couples like Ian and Becky, all different in their own way, but fun, organised and enthusiastic about getting married.