UK Wedding Photographer

It was a great privilege to be asked by Dan and Charlotte to photograph their wedding this summer. The wedding took place in Ottery StMary’s (Devon) Charlotte’s local parish church. The church, a 1/3 scale replica of Exeter’s Cathedral, was absolutely stunning, making for beautiful wedding photos of the lovely couple both inside and outside in the church grounds and even in the surrounding streets.

Charlotte looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress, with cathedral train, capturing everyone’s attention as she walked down the aisle towards her groom. Both Dan and Charlotte admitted to shedding a tear (quite a few) as Charlotte came down the aisle, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if there wasn’t a single dry eye in the church, it was something really special.

The wedding day, which was scheduled for rain, was perfect, the rain didn’t materialize and the entire wedding was fantastic, making my job as their wedding photographer a joy to undertake.

Despite being a long way from my native Horsham, I love travelling for weddings, not least because the people who seek me out to come and photograph their wedding, wherever it may take place, have chosen me specifically for a purpose, and they know exactly what they want to use my talents and skills to capture. There’s nothing more challenging and at the same time none more exciting than knowing you’re the one that has been chosen to photograph a young couple’s wedding. Knowing you’ll only get one take at the day and knowing that they trust you instinctively to help them and capture them at their best on the most important day of their lives.