A Dreamy Horsham Newborn Shoot: Welcoming Darcie!

Meeting the Newest Horsham Resident I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing some truly magical moments for a new family here in Horsham. A brand new little bundle of joy, Darcie, arrived just a few weeks ago, and her parents were eager to document this precious time with some beautiful newborn photography. . A Natural Star: Capturing Darcie's Perfection Well, let me tell you,

A Dreamy Horsham Newborn Shoot: Welcoming Darcie!2024-04-29T11:37:22+00:00

Newborn and baby photography is back

I was recently asked to photograph a newborn baby, it's been a while! The joys of Covid really shut down photography with tiny ones, understandably, for a really long while. The few newborns that I photographed during the lulls in the lockdown(s) I often wore a mask for, which really doesn't help with communication and getting the best reactions from tiny ones! So it was

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Family portrait photography in Crawley

I've been photographing a lot of families from Crawley and the surrounding area. These two particular families stood out as they were so full of joy and happiness and photographed so fantastically. Sam and Miriam are expecting their second child and wanted some lovely photos to remember this time by. Miriam arrived in a wonderful full length dress and despite the cold (and overcast sky)

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Family photos and bluebell photo shoots

The last couple of weeks have been the busiest I've been (in what feels like forever!) I've been taking calls, replying to emails and photographing babies and families almost every day. And I must say, it's great to be back! :-) Here's just a small selection of photos from a few of the bluebell and family photo shoots that I've done over the last couple

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Welcome back! 25% OFF SPECIAL OFFER!

It's been a bit of an interesting last few months for everyone! And I hope that if you are reading this that you and your family are all well. Covid-19 has been a very difficult time for so many people, but it has been great to see our local, Horsham, community get together to fight this crazy virus. The weekly claps have been a highlight,

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Newborn and baby photography in West Sussex

Just wanting to share a few photos from a recent newborn baby photo shoot for a lovely couple in Pulborough. Introducing their gorgeous son Arlo to the world. Capturing these tiny treasures is such a huge privilege for me. The pride and joy evident in Arlo's parents faces say more than words ever could. Thank you Sam and Sasha for asking me to capture your

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Maternity Photo Shoot

I love maternity photo shoots; the excitement and anticipation of what's to come is infectious. There's a slight nervousness for mothers as they anticipate labour and life with their newborn baby which I love to capture. In my opinion it's something beautiful that needs to be photographed thoughtfully and delicately, and when photographed right is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed capturing Sam and Rhiannon a

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Gorgeous baby and newborn photos

I just wanted to quickly share with you all a few photos from a recent newborn baby shoot that I took last week. This is Ellie and she's such a cute little bundle of joy and it was my utmost privilege to capture her at this gorgeous stage. I particularly love the photos of her tiny fingers and the way she's clearly so very peaceful

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Newborn Twins Photography

A lovely couple whom I met a few years back (when they asked me to capture their wedding at what is now known as Brookfield Barn near Horsham) got in touch to inform me that they'd just had twins! Twins! I've got three children of my own and one at a time was enough for me, so hat's off to them! Anyway, they asked me

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Newborn and Baby Photography

There's nothing quite as precious as the arrival of a newborn baby into a family, and I find it such an honour to be asked to photograph this special time of life for both the parents to treasure and the little one to one day look back on. I've captured photos of every type of baby, from those who are wide awake and watching me

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