I love maternity photo shoots; the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come is infectious.

There’s a slight nervousness for mothers as they anticipate labour and life with their newborn baby which I love to capture. In my opinion it’s something beautiful that needs to be photographed thoughtfully and delicately, and when photographed right is absolutely beautiful.

I really enjoyed capturing Sam and Rhiannon a few weeks before the arrival of their little one. This lovely young couple were so excited, and you could just tell that they are going to be amazing parents. Especially now that their little one has arrived and I’ve had the privilege to capture their little bundle of joy for them!

I love this first image of Rhiannon and Sam, it captures everything you really need to know about them as new parents: thoughtful, strong and determined to be the best they can be. Sam is looking lovingly at Rhiannon and holding her gently, Rhiannon is comfortable, relaxed and ready.

Maternity Photo of a Pregnant couple cuddling

I took this solo portrait of Rhiannon to really show off the bump (it needs a side on shot to really show a baby bump and be a maternity portrait) again, I love her pose, cradling her unborn baby and looking both strong and gentle at the same time.

Maternity Photo of an expectant/pregnant mother looking down at her baby bump

This final image of Rhiannon was a bit of a challenge (have you ever tried lying on your back at 8.5months pregnant and getting your legs up in the air?) Rhiannon liked the idea that I had in my minds eye and we worked together to capture this shot (with a bit of help from Sam holding her legs) to get her legs in the right position, the lettering was added in post production.

It’s one of my favourites, again it’s a strong and gentle photograph, showing this beautiful mum to be looking oh so relaxed and in love with her expected baby.

Maternity Photo of an expectant mum lying on the floor with her legs up spelling the word LOVE using her crossed legs as the letter V