There’s nothing quite as precious as the arrival of a newborn baby into a family, and I find it such an honour to be asked to photograph this special time of life for both the parents to treasure and the little one to one day look back on.

I’ve captured photos of every type of baby, from those who are wide awake and watching me (or crying for mummy), to the fast asleep totally milk drunk babies, over the years. And I never get over meeting each and every one of these precious little ones.

This little fella, James, is the son of a couple who’s wedding I photographed a few years back. So as you can imagine, I was delighted both to hear from them, and to hear that they were expecting, and of course to be asked to capture these photos for them.

Ian and Becky (aka, Dad and Mum) let me know a month or so before their due date that they’d like me to capture these photos and then called me a couple of days after James was born and I was able to get over to their house in Horsham within 24hrs to capture their new arrival. As I’m sure you can tell, James is just a beautiful little boy and he co-operated really nicely with me, allowing me to move him and position him just how I wanted with only the minimum fuss, and I’m really pleased with how these came out.

A baby with the name James Nicholas shown in alphabet blocks

A photo from the top of a baby's head as it is held in his father's hands
A close up of a baby asleep in a basket

A baby asleep in a basket

A baby asleep under a blanket