I just wanted to quickly share with you all a few photos from a recent newborn baby shoot that I took last week. This is Ellie and she’s such a cute little bundle of joy and it was my utmost privilege to capture her at this gorgeous stage.

baby in mothers arms with a night cap on it's head

I particularly love the photos of her tiny fingers and the way she’s clearly so very peaceful in her mother’s arms.

Close up detail photo of a newborn baby's hands

Photographing newborn babies and very young children takes a lot longer than you’d think, Ellie (whom I was assured slept all the time) was fast asleep when I arrived, but as soon as the camera came out she was awake and alert for the duration of the shoot (bar the 5 seconds when I managed to capture the photo of her cat napping in her mother’s arms) only going back to sleep right at the end of her session.

It was a good thing that her father specifically wanted a photo of her with her eyes open! :-)

Newborn in mother's arms holding it's mother's finger