Family Portrait and Clothing Tips for Family Photos

There's nothing quite like a family get together, and there's nothing like trying to organise a family photo. Believe me, my extended family has over 60 people in it, and it gets harder every time! It's always a fun challenge when I'm asked to photograph multi-generational family photos, so here's a few hints and tips to help you plan your family photo shoot. My number

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Week 14: – The Invisible Man

Out this week on a walk to take my 14th 52 Week Challenge photo with my friend Dez we decided to use a stream to create an interesting effect. A double exposure, one with Dez in the photo and the second without him, leaving only his shadow and boots to tell you there's someone standing in the water. The only problem was that the boots

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Week 12: – Where am I? – 3

Ok this is the last week of the 'Where am I?' challenge. This week, Stacey, Dez, Helen and I went for a walk in a nearby village. This was our starting and ending point...the question is...where did we start our walk, and in which village? Again, all the photos were taken in the same location. Answers on a postcard, or on our facebook page. --

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Week 10: – Where am I?

A little bit of Horsham tourism is needed for this week's challenge. I've been out and about in town and captured a series of photographs, all of which are taken in the same location. The question is where? One thing I've noticed over the last decade is the prevalence of technology, at the start it used to be people were texting, on the phone or

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North Africa Trip and Toubkal

I'm sorry if you've tried to be in touch this last week, I've been in Morocco on a climbing trip. My brother (Dan) and a good friend, Chris decided we wanted to take some time out to climb one of the highest mountains in Africa. Jabel Toubkal is the second highest in the whole of Africa at 4,167 meters above sea level, it's no mean

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Southwark Cathedral – London HDR

I was up in London today taking photos of the 'Powder Flow 2011' conference. Although the event itself brought together many of the leading minds in powder flow science from across Europe I was certainly not one of them...and the seminars I heard went straight over my head. So to blow off some steam, after being crammed full of scientific knowledge, as well as biding

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Box-Hill HDR

We decided to head up to Box-Hill this afternoon for a short walk, what a beautiful day it was, 27C, a cool breeze and some lovely shade whilst we had a walk through the forest. The sun was blazing through this gap in the trees just as we neared the Broadwood Towe and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Unfortunately there's no digital camera

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Went out this morning with a friend, as we both enjoy walking we decided to go geocaching which is basically a form of glorified treasure hunting (see and ended up on a 3 mile walk around the nearby village of Pease Pottage. The caches we found were definitely noteworthy, mainly because of the sheer variety of things we found that could hold a 35mm film canister.

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