A little bit of Horsham tourism is needed for this week’s challenge. I’ve been out and about in town and captured a series of photographs, all of which are taken in the same location. The question is where? One thing I’ve noticed over the last decade is the prevalence of technology, at the start it used to be people were texting, on the phone or playing snake (those were the days!) but now there’s so much more in that little screen to distract us from the world around us that some people never look up. The idea of this month’s challenge is to take beautiful photographs of the detail in places and of every day objects that people pass by all the time, and to challenge myself, and hopefully others as well, to look more closely at the beauty of the landscape and environment that surrounds us, rather than just walk past staring at our phones.

The answer of course is Horsham’s Plaza. Great for a cup of coffee with a friend or foraging for a good deal in the nearby shops, or dodging water jets coming out of the ground in the summer. Horsham is a beautiful town and has won Britain in bloom contest as well as a gold award for looking after the local environment!