Out this week on a walk to take my 14th 52 Week Challenge photo with my friend Dez we decided to use a stream to create an interesting effect. A double exposure, one with Dez in the photo and the second without him, leaving only his shadow and boots to tell you there’s someone standing in the water. The only problem was that the boots wouldn’t stay where they were meant to, being full of air they floated and thus fell over when I let go of them. So in the end, apart from Dez having wet feet, we had to take the photo of the inside of the boots on dry land; the trick there was moving the camera and boots and replacing them exactly as they had been in the original photo, the one with Dez in.

The photos were all then merged together using photoshop, leaving a ghostly portrait on the surface of the water. I’ll have to retry this in water that’s not moving, maybe a puddle so that you can actually see the person who’s standing there rather than just an outline.