We decided to head up to Box-Hill this afternoon for a short walk, what a beautiful day it was, 27C, a cool breeze and some lovely shade whilst we had a walk through the forest.

The sun was blazing through this gap in the trees just as we neared the Broadwood Towe and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Unfortunately there’s no digital camera that can cope with the massive variation of light levels in the forest so the image to the right is a combination of four that I’ve taken. One really dark, showing the bright leaves and sky. One for the mid-levels, showing the darker leaves and the foreground. One really bright, showing the dark trees (which would otherwise be totally silhouetted). And one at the low-mid level, to get a nice average over all the image.

Such a beautiful scene can only be captured for a few seconds, and I was glad I was there at the right moment to record it.

For more information about the area visit The National Trust website.

Box Hill HDR