I was up in London today taking photos of the ‘Powder Flow 2011’ conference. Although the event itself brought together many of the leading minds in powder flow science from across Europe I was certainly not one of them…and the seminars I heard went straight over my head.

So to blow off some steam, after being crammed full of scientific knowledge, as well as biding some time before catching my train home in the evening, I walked across from London Bridge Station and found Southwark Cathedral. It’s amazing how many times I’ve been through London Bridge and never seen what’s literally 100m away…and what a beautiful place to come and rest for a few minutes after a long day at work.

To achieve this HDR photo I’ve combined 7 photographs taken at a range of speeds between 1/2sec to 30secs at f22, which when combined shows off the full range of colours visible to the human eye (but not recorded on film in a single frame). My only wish was that the street lamp had been on.