Summer Family Portraits: Capturing Priceless Moments in the Sun

As the warmth of summer envelopes us, it brings forth the perfect opportunity to gather your loved ones and capture beautiful summer family portrait photos. In this blog post, we will explore why summer is an ideal season for family portraits, highlighting the unique advantages and memorable moments that can be captured during this time of year. Abundance of Natural Light provides great photographic lighting:

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Family photo shoots a ramble about how they work and what they are for

A family photo shoot is a very important event, I know you think I only say that because as a family photographer it's in my interest to. But no, don't forget, I'm not the one hanging your family photo on my wall (or putting your family portraits on my mantle piece!) or your great-great grandchild researching the family history and looking through the old family

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Summer portrait photos for families and kids

Summer portrait photos are one of the best times of year to capture a family portrait photo with a professional family photographer taking your beautiful family photos. In summer, not only is the weather warmer, but it's usually drier too! That and the days are longer (giving us longer to capture great photos together!). Also I'm a big fan of photographing families and children outdoors

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Family photo shoots of 2021

This last year as a family portrait photographer has flown by, with a quiet start (thanks to Covid!) 2021 suddenly went super busy, for me family photo shoots started up as soon as families were allowed to mix again, which was at the end of March, at which point I got booked up quite heavily with family and baby bluebell photo shoots (it was a

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Welcome back! 25% OFF SPECIAL OFFER!

It's been a bit of an interesting last few months for everyone! And I hope that if you are reading this that you and your family are all well. Covid-19 has been a very difficult time for so many people, but it has been great to see our local, Horsham, community get together to fight this crazy virus. The weekly claps have been a highlight,

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Outdoor, Location Portrait and Family Photography in Sussex

Outdoor Photography for families in West Sussex I'm excited to be photographing more families outdoors in the coming months! The closing down of my studio, is certainly the end of an era for my work, but most importantly it's the jump into something new and in my opinion far more exciting. Outdoor Photography for families in West Sussex! For years now, I've photographed families against

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The end of the family studio photo era

For the last 10 years now I have had the joy of using a great venue for much of my family and portrait photography work, StPeter's Hall in Horsham has been a fantastic space for me to grow and expand my business. It's provided me with a consistent venue for the many photo shoots that I capture there week in week out. The space is

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Family photographer in Horsham

Family photography is a huge part of my work and I love getting to know the individuals and families that I photograph, with families often returning year after year (or every few years) to update their family portraits as their children get older. It's an opportunity that I've had the privilege to have with many families over the years, and I particularly enjoy watching the

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Maternity Photo Shoot

I love maternity photo shoots; the excitement and anticipation of what's to come is infectious. There's a slight nervousness for mothers as they anticipate labour and life with their newborn baby which I love to capture. In my opinion it's something beautiful that needs to be photographed thoughtfully and delicately, and when photographed right is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed capturing Sam and Rhiannon a

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Gorgeous baby and newborn photos

I just wanted to quickly share with you all a few photos from a recent newborn baby shoot that I took last week. This is Ellie and she's such a cute little bundle of joy and it was my utmost privilege to capture her at this gorgeous stage. I particularly love the photos of her tiny fingers and the way she's clearly so very peaceful

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