For the last 10 years now I have had the joy of using a great venue for much of my family and portrait photography work, StPeter’s Hall in Horsham has been a fantastic space for me to grow and expand my business. It’s provided me with a consistent venue for the many photo shoots that I capture there week in week out. The space is versatile and adaptable, working for family portrait photography as well as formal business portraits and individual portraiture, I’ve photographed cake smashes and colour run photos (oh the mess!) we’ve had paint thrown on wedding dresses, we’ve had families as big as 16 strong (it was a squeeze!) down to single mothers and their child(ren). I’ve photographed art, pets, babies and grandparents and everything in between in that space over the years. As such the studio has been fantastic and has taught me so much about my trade.

Alexander White's Photography Studio

Alexander White’s studio for the last 10 years

Sadly the owners of the hall have decided not to renew their lease of the hall in the new year. Which means that after Christmas I will no longer be able to use the hall for studio photography sessions.

This has left me with a real mixed bag of emotions, I’m sad because it’s been such a big part of what I’ve done over the last 10 years. But on the other hand I’m excited, because I’m being forced to grow and develop. My family portrait photography over the last year has started to be more focused on lifestyle family portraits, taking place either with families in their homes, or out and about in the beautiful Sussex countryside. And I’ve been photographing more and more of these lifestyle and location photo shoots over the years. Both for families and professionals as well (who wants a stuffy formal work photo anyway!).

So much so that apart from a few families, who are sticking to the studio portrait look, which I have to admit is starting to get a bit dated (it’s so early 2000’s!) which makes me feel so old! Most families are now shirking the studio lights and are heading instead for their gardens and nature beyond, or even just sticking to capturing life in the comfort of their own homes (After all, the whole idea of lifestyle photography is to capture a day in the life of…you!)

Lifestyle photography portrait of a little girl looking out of a slatted window

Photographing families in the home creates much more ‘real’ images like this gorgeous photo.

Anyway, this is just a little notice post, to let the world know, that as of the new year studio photography will no longer be a part of my day to day life. I will continue to visit businesses with my pop-up studio (there’s got to be some consistency in cooperate photography!) where requested. I will continue to provide my studio to cover events. But for families (unless you have a space for me to set up a 5x8m studio in with a high ceiling!) my work will be focusing on capturing you out in the beauty of nature and in the comfort of your own home.

A boy walking along a tree trunk in the woods

Being outdoors photographing families allows everyone to express themselves, rather than feeling a bit trapped in an unfamiliar environment (the studio!)

Please note, that I will be accepting bookings for the studio for dates up until Christmas, after that I will look forward to photographing your family out in nature or at home.