Family photography is a huge part of my work and I love getting to know the individuals and families that I photograph, with families often returning year after year (or every few years) to update their family portraits as their children get older. It’s an opportunity that I’ve had the privilege to have with many families over the years, and I particularly enjoy watching the children grow up from being tiny little ones (running around the studio and getting themselves into mischief!) we always manage to capture the magic and excitement that toddlers have. Then within a few years those same youngsters come back and are so grown up, following instructions and generally looking amazing, posing for the camera and looking way older than their still young years convey.

Later on when youngsters become teens there’s another fun change, capturing the intellect, strength and spirit and independence that is growing in your child, I know everyone says it’s a tough stage (I’m yet to experience it with my own, so I’ll let you know when I get there!) but with my clients children it’s been amazing to see how these teens know what they want, they’re still fun and have a laugh, but they also want to be captured as grown up young people who are part of the family.

Eventually as young adults begin to fly the nest, there’s another opportunity to capture that excitement of independence and freedom, and the growing respect that young adults learn to have for their parents which again produces some amazing and very intimate photos of my client’s families.

There are so many opportunities to capture the magic of family as they grown up, and there’s no such thing as the wrong time to capture them, the most important thing is to capture your family and the love that you all share.

Family portrait photographer in Horsham West SussexFamily portrait photographer in Horsham West Sussex