Blue skies for this wonderful wedding

I don't often photograph weddings for people I know well (there's too much of a pull between being a guest and work) but I do make exceptions in special circumstances. So when Richard and Katie asked me if I was available to photograph their wedding I couldn't turn it down as I knew it was going to be a really special day. I have known Katie's

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A beautiful family photo shoot

One of my favourite aspects of being a photographer is being a part of people's lives and capturing their happiest moments for them to treasure forever. Those moments become all the more special as customers come back time and again to show off their growing families, and I get to see their little ones growing up and capture the exciting new chapters in their little

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Family Photos in Time for Christmas

Late November (and very early December) is the time you want to book into the studio or even book an outdoor family photo shoot if you're wanting your photos edited, ready and delivered in time to get prints/canvases and anything like that back in time for Christmas. The four weeks before Christmas are some of the busiest weeks of the year for me as a

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Family Portrait Photography for a Family from Billingshurst

I really love photographing families, especially families with young children...I don't know. There's something about kids that makes me smile (maybe it's having my own...!) But watching and capturing the love of a family as they play, laugh and have a great time in my studio has got to be one of the highlights of my job. This lovely and beautiful family were no exception

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Spring time family portrait in Christ’s Hospital (Horsham)

As a photographer, if there's one thing I love the most about spring it's the end of the dull and dreary weather which dominates the winter months. Spring is full of new life, with flowers and plants coming out of their hibernation and bursting forward in their full technicolour glory providing my camera with a much more interesting pallet of colours to capture along with

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Wedding Photos from a beautiful wedding at Ghyl Manor Hotel in Rusper – Horsham

Wedding Photography at Ghyl Manor Hotel in Rusper near Horsham Photographing a wedding at Ghyl Manor is a treat for any wedding photographer, their grounds are specially laid out to enable some stunning photos to be achieved throughout the year and in a variety of weather conditions. Fortunately for us though we didn't have to worry about rain at this gorgeous wedding! Rob

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School Christmas Prom Event Photos

My fifth year now as the event photographer for the Kings Church, in Horsham, Youth Christmas Prom at the Tanbridge House School! This was a prom, ball, event...whatever you want to call remember! Everyone was dressed up to the nines and looking their best. The youth, who include year 11's and 6th form really enjoyed the entertainment at the school that evening, it was

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Photography Gift Vouchers

I just wanted to announce the soon to be delivered Photo Gift Vouchers which I've just ordered! I've been asked several times over the last few years by friends and family members of people in the Horsham and Crawley areas if I provided photography gift vouchers, and my answer has always been... 'I'm thinking about it'. Well finally I've gone and done it! So I've

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Adam and Helena

Adam and Helena got in touch with me about two months ago, they were really exited anticipating the arrival of their first child. To capture their excitement and anticipation of being pregnant and the joy of being new parents, they asked if I could capture some baby bump photos as well as some baby photos when their baby (whom at the time they didn't know

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Ian and Becky Baldry

When you are asked to capture a wedding at StMary's Church in Horsham followed by a Reception at the Mannings Heath Golf Club almost a year before the wedding date you know that you're dealing with people who want only the best from their wedding day. And Ian and Becky were no exception. I first met Ian and Becky over a coffee in Horsham town

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