Adam and Helena got in touch with me about two months ago, they were really exited anticipating the arrival of their first child. To capture their excitement and anticipation of being pregnant and the joy of being new parents, they asked if I could capture some baby bump photos as well as some baby photos when their baby (whom at the time they didn’t know if it was a boy or girl) arrived.

I’m delighted to say that everything went smoothly and that baby Sebastian arrived safely, if a little later than expected. Fortunately being a local Horsham photographer I was able to make some time during the day which suited the new parents to pop over and visit and photography their tiny bundle of joy as soon as possible after the baby was born. Now I’m sure everyone’s heard the expression ‘Never work with children and animals’ well this was an exception to the rule. Baby Sebastian was the perfect baby to photograph, he fell asleep soon after I arrived and pretty much slept the whole way through, only waking up just as I was about to finish with a family photo of all three of the happy family members together.

Here are just a few photos of both studio photo shoots, showing the baby bump and baby boy really nicely, to top it off Adam and Helena had managed to remember (pr put aside) the clothes they’d worn for the first shoot and they wore the same ones again for the newborn baby shoot. It was great to get to see Adam and Helena with baby Sebastian, and I wish them all the best as they begin the great adventure of being New parents.