Cherished Moments: Why Family Photo Shoots Are an Everlasting Gift

Cherished Moments are captured in a family photo shoot: Family – it's a simple word that encompasses immense love, joy, and shared experiences. In life's busy hustle and bustle, fleeting moments often pass us by, the significance of family for most remains a constant. In this post, I will dig into the importance of family and why booking a family photo shoot is the perfect

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A Toddler’s Wildflower Meadow Photo Shoot Adventure

Embark on a magical journey as we venture into a wildflower meadow for a delightful photo shoot with an adorable toddler. Amidst vibrant blooms and captivating scents, this unique session captures pure joy and endless possibilities. Imagine a sprawling meadow, teeming with colorful wildflowers as far as the eye can see whilst sunlight dances through the long grass, creating a perfect backdrop for capturing priceless

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Summer portrait photos for families and kids

Summer portrait photos are one of the best times of year to capture a family portrait photo with a professional family photographer taking your beautiful family photos. In summer, not only is the weather warmer, but it's usually drier too! That and the days are longer (giving us longer to capture great photos together!). Also I'm a big fan of photographing families and children outdoors

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Family portrait photography in Crawley

I've been photographing a lot of families from Crawley and the surrounding area. These two particular families stood out as they were so full of joy and happiness and photographed so fantastically. Sam and Miriam are expecting their second child and wanted some lovely photos to remember this time by. Miriam arrived in a wonderful full length dress and despite the cold (and overcast sky)

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Spring family and portrait photography

Spring is finally in the air, I must say that this time of year is my favourite for photographing families, the sun is out, the weather is getting warmer and there are flowers bursting forth everywhere I look! And with the UK national lockdown finally easing (soon at least!) I feel like the world is finally coming back to life. So here is just a

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Welcome back! 25% OFF SPECIAL OFFER!

It's been a bit of an interesting last few months for everyone! And I hope that if you are reading this that you and your family are all well. Covid-19 has been a very difficult time for so many people, but it has been great to see our local, Horsham, community get together to fight this crazy virus. The weekly claps have been a highlight,

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Family Portrait and Clothing Tips for Family Photos

There's nothing quite like a family get together, and there's nothing like trying to organise a family photo. Believe me, my extended family has over 60 people in it, and it gets harder every time! It's always a fun challenge when I'm asked to photograph multi-generational family photos, so here's a few hints and tips to help you plan your family photo shoot. My number

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It’s a dog’s life

Portrait photos for a Bulldog. When I was called and asked if I'd be happy to capture a single portrait of a British bulldog, I was a bit perplexed as I am slightly better geared up to photographing families and groups of people, but the customer insisted that he wanted a portrait style photo of his pet pooch. Knowing the old moto "never work with

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First Communion and Family Celebration Photos

I was honoured to be asked to photograph a family's first communion ceremony in Horsham's Catholic church of StJohn the evangelist. Although photography was barred during the ceremony itself there were plenty of photos to be taken of Amalia, the young lady taking her first communion, and her family as well as the many guests attending the great reception event held at the Ramada Plaza

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A busy month in portrait photography

This last month has been rather busy in the portrait studio, with a variety of requests including one for a single mum, her young son and the family dog...I know the rule of thumb is 'never work with children and animals' but I was promised she was a very well behaved dog, so I said yes. And I'm so pleased we did. We communicated before

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