Portrait photos for a Bulldog.

When I was called and asked if I’d be happy to capture a single portrait of a British bulldog, I was a bit perplexed as I am slightly better geared up to photographing families and groups of people, but the customer insisted that he wanted a portrait style photo of his pet pooch. Knowing the old moto “never work with children and animals” and having ignored it all my life (I’m a portrait photographer for goodness sake!) I agreed and we booked ‘Henry’ the bulldog in for his photo shoot.

Can I just say, boy do bulldogs slobber…everywhere! I was reminded a bit of a scene (for those of you who remember) Starsky and Hutch, where Tom Hanks’s character gets home to find everything in his home chewed and covered in slobber. Anyway…fortunately for me Henry is a very pampered pooch, an slobber was constantly mopped up with an ever present cloth and apart from getting bored and preferring his bed to the studio background we were all pleased with the final result, a regal portrait of a very fine canine and a printed 12×16″ canvas of a man’s best friend.