Week 14: – The Invisible Man

Out this week on a walk to take my 14th 52 Week Challenge photo with my friend Dez we decided to use a stream to create an interesting effect. A double exposure, one with Dez in the photo and the second without him, leaving only his shadow and boots to tell you there's someone standing in the water. The only problem was that the boots

Week 14: – The Invisible Man2013-03-10T12:32:58+00:00

Week 6: – Like Father Like Son

So, this week's challenge is still all about using photoshop, photo manipulation and editing images. This week I found some incredible work by another photographer called Ulric Collette who has been merging family members photographs together in a project he's called Genetic Portraits. Inspired by these somewhat intriguing, slightly mysterious and sometimes if I can admit it a little 'scary' photographs. I decided that I

Week 6: – Like Father Like Son2013-01-10T14:02:16+00:00
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