So, this week’s challenge is still all about using photoshop, photo manipulation and editing images. This week I found some incredible work by another photographer called Ulric Collette who has been merging family members photographs together in a project he’s called Genetic Portraits.

Inspired by these somewhat intriguing, slightly mysterious and sometimes if I can admit it a little ‘scary’ photographs. I decided that I wanted to try it on myself. So I enlisted the help of my father, who kindly agreed to help with this shot. I setup my photo studio at home and then faced the whole family wanting their photos taken and being a part of the action. Merging two faces together is actually harder than you would think, have a look at the second photo above and you will see what I mean. Our faces don’t exactly line up!

Anyway, after a lot of photoshopping the two photos have become one. The fun bit really was choosing which features of my dad to keep and use and which of mine were important to keep, whilst maintaining a realistic enough image which is recognisable as either one of us. The merge line, isn’t actually the middle…have a close look…some features blend over the nose and down my cheek, whilst others merge under my dad’s chin and across his forehead.

I’ve also uploaded a few others of my family which I’ve done as well, just for the fun of it!

Like father like son

Like mother like daughter


Mother and Son

All in all a very satisfying portrait of us both I think. Any comments would be appreciated, please click through to our facebook page and let us know!