Capturing the Unforgettable Proposal at Devil’s Dyke, East Sussex

A Sunset Symphony: In the heart of East Sussex, where rolling hills embrace the sky, a love story unfolded against the backdrop of Devil's Dyke. It wasn’t just a proposal; it was a symphony of meticulous planning, breathtaking sunset hues, and the discreet artistry of engagement photography. Setting the Stage: Meet Alex, a young man with stars in his eyes and a heart brimming with

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Photographing a wedding proposal to remember!

Planning a wedding proposal: Alex got in touch with me a month or so back, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend of several years and was looking for a photographer to capture "the moment"! We planned the wedding proposal and photos together via email over a the course of a week or so before selecting Devil's Dyke. We arranged to meet there a

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Photography Gift Vouchers

I just wanted to announce the soon to be delivered Photo Gift Vouchers which I've just ordered! I've been asked several times over the last few years by friends and family members of people in the Horsham and Crawley areas if I provided photography gift vouchers, and my answer has always been... 'I'm thinking about it'. Well finally I've gone and done it! So I've

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Andy and Ellie’s Engagement Photo Shoot

I was contacted by Andy's mother who was looking for a special way to celebrate Andy and Ellie's Engagement earlier this year, she wanted to capture this lovely couple's love for each other in a special engagement photo shoot, given to them as an engagement present. So we met up where Andy and Ellie had first met and had their first date, and got engaged

Andy and Ellie’s Engagement Photo Shoot2013-08-06T17:06:27+00:00
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