I was contacted by Andy’s mother who was looking for a special way to celebrate Andy and Ellie’s Engagement earlier this year, she wanted to capture this lovely couple’s love for each other in a special engagement photo shoot, given to them as an engagement present. So we met up where Andy and Ellie had first met and had their first date, and got engaged at the Wheatsheaf Pub just outside Rudgwick. And I knew from the start that this was a special couple, they were great fun to be with and full of laughter, up for anything and most of all in very much in love which is so powerfully conveyed in the photos I’ve captured of them together.

There were some beautiful grassy areas near the pub and woods nearby which provided the perfect setting full of beautiful scenery for their engagement photo shoot. We even got a lovely photo of the pair holding a big Thank you sign which they are planning to give people as a thank you card for their wedding gifts.

All in all we had a great time and although Andy and Ellie had already booked another wedding photographer for their big day, they did say that they would have loved to have me their as well. And I can but wish them all the best in their future together.