Creating that ‘perfect’ moment in photoshop

Quite often after a family photo shoot in my Horsham Photography Studio I will hear people say something like 'oh I love how I look in that photo' while another person will say the exact opposite for the same photo. This is quite common when small children are present, as we all know their concentration doesn't last as long as an adult's. Now as a

Creating that ‘perfect’ moment in photoshop2014-01-17T16:03:45+00:00

Week 14: – The Invisible Man

Out this week on a walk to take my 14th 52 Week Challenge photo with my friend Dez we decided to use a stream to create an interesting effect. A double exposure, one with Dez in the photo and the second without him, leaving only his shadow and boots to tell you there's someone standing in the water. The only problem was that the boots

Week 14: – The Invisible Man2013-03-10T12:32:58+00:00

Week 5: – Desperate Borrower Housewife

Well, it's the new year and we're working in photoshop this month, and as part of our 52 Week Challenge my lovely wife Stacey volunteered to become a Borrower for the evening. With her recently acquired sewing machine at hand we devised a plan. Stacey posed against my studio background for the original photos, giving us a nice clean outline to work around, and the

Week 5: – Desperate Borrower Housewife2013-01-04T15:29:47+00:00
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