Box-Hill HDR

We decided to head up to Box-Hill this afternoon for a short walk, what a beautiful day it was, 27C, a cool breeze and some lovely shade whilst we had a walk through the forest. The sun was blazing through this gap in the trees just as we neared the Broadwood Towe and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Unfortunately there's no digital camera

Box-Hill HDR2011-10-03T13:23:19+00:00


Went out this morning with a friend, as we both enjoy walking we decided to go geocaching which is basically a form of glorified treasure hunting (see and ended up on a 3 mile walk around the nearby village of Pease Pottage. The caches we found were definitely noteworthy, mainly because of the sheer variety of things we found that could hold a 35mm film canister.

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