The Allure of Natural Wedding Photography

Weddings are an encapsulation of raw emotions, fleeting moments, and intricate details. The day flies by in a whirlwind of laughter, tears, excitement, and countless memories. Among the various styles of capturing these moments, there stands a professional who emphasizes authenticity and genuine expressions – the natural wedding photographer.

Bride and groom kissing backlit by the sun

Beauty in natural authenticity

Natural wedding photography, often called “documentary” or “photojournalistic” style, thrives on the idea of capturing moments as they unfold. Unlike traditional posed shots, where subjects are often instructed to stand, smile, or act in a certain way, the natural style captures people in their purest forms.

The benefit? The resulting images often resonate deeper. When you look back at your wedding photos, the ones that will likely strike a chord are those where you’re caught mid-laughter with a friend or sharing a tender moment with a family member. These spontaneous, un-posed moments tell a story, a real story, of your special day.

Wedding photo of couple looking out over the South Downs

A Time and Place

Of course, there’s no denying that certain moments require a bit of direction. For instance, group shots or certain creative shots might need a nudge in terms of positioning or light adjustment. The key difference in natural wedding photography is that the direction is minimal and non-intrusive. It’s about enhancing the scene just enough to capture it at its best without stripping away its essence.

A magazine style image of a bride taken from under the bride's veil

Battling the ‘Magazine Style’ Mirage

In the age of Instagram and glossy magazine spreads, there’s a certain allure to having photos that look ‘perfect’. But perfection often comes at the price of authenticity. Over-edited images, while undoubtedly glamorous, can sometimes paint an unrealistic picture. The bride’s skin might appear too smooth, the colors too vibrant, and the scenes might look like they’re straight out of a fairy tale.

While this ‘magazine style’ has its place and audience, it’s essential to question what you want your wedding photos to represent. Do you want a picture-perfect version of your day, or do you want to remember it as it was, in all its beautiful imperfections?

By choosing a more naturalistic approach, you’re choosing to capture the true essence of the people present. It’s about seeing the bride as she is, capturing the groom’s genuine reactions, and freezing in time the real emotions of the day. It’s about preserving the laughter lines, the tearful eyes, and the spontaneous bursts of joy.

A wedding groom being lifted up in celebration by his groomsmen


Weddings are deeply personal affairs, and the way they’re captured should resonate with the couple’s values and desires. Natural wedding photography offers an authentic, raw, and genuine peek into one of the most significant days of their lives. While there’s room for direction and some posed moments, the essence lies in capturing the wedding as it unfolds, ensuring the memories remain true and undistorted.

If you’re on the journey to pick a photography style for your big day, remember that the most captivating photos are often those that speak the language of authenticity. Choose a style that mirrors your desire for real, heartfelt, and genuine memories.