What a year for photographing weddings!

So it’s nearly end of the year and we’re definitely done with the wedding photography season! It’s been a bit of a mad year, starting in lockdown with weddings all but banned and we’re heading back that way towards the end. Here’s hoping next year we’re back to normal…whatever that is!

Needless to say that it’s still been a fantastic year for weddings. With so many weddings cancelled/moved from last year I have been busier than ever. Catching up and finishing photographing the 2020 weddings that were meant to be and shooting many more weddings this season. So I just wanted to share a few of my favourite photos that I’ve taken at a few of the weddings that I’ve photographed this year.

I had two weddings booked in for immediately after the lockdowns were meant to finish, but the rule changes meant those weddings (although they went ahead) were full of masks and social distancing. There was also the weirdness of people having to sit down to be served a drink and a severe lack of dancing. It was still however a wonderful time with people able to mix and spend time together celebrating the lovely couples who were getting married (or in one couple’s case, celebrating their marriage with their guests a year after the fact!).

Photographing each and every wedding is always a privilege and I am thankful to every couple who have asked me to capture their wedding this year. So a big shout out to all the lovely couples who have trusted me with capturing such an important day in your lives. I hope that many of you will return over the years as your families grow. I’m also looking forwards to next year along with photographing my first same sex wedding and many more wedding photography packages that are already booked in the diary.

Details are always important at weddings:

Weddings are full of detail, the bride’s shoes, the bouquet, the tie, the watch there are always hundreds of details to capture, and part of what I do is to make sure those images stand out from the crowd.

In the above photos, I loved the sumptuous grandeur of the room (from the old style phone) and the bottle of champagne ready for the bride and groom to enjoy. In the second photo, the contrast between the bride’s customised trainers and the groom’s smart shoes show off the couple’s personalities.

The below photos show how I love to play with available light, with the photo of the shoes taken using window light and the centre piece image taken using daylight but backlit with the fairy lights just makes the shot that much more magical.


Venues, venues, venues:

I’ve photographed weddings in so many different venues this year that I’m not even sure if I can remember them all, but here’s just a few (Hedsor House, South Lodge, Southlands Barn, Horsham Registry Office, Tottington Manor…) every venue is different and provides you with the option to make the place your own. A barn is very different to a grand manor house, a registry office provides a beautiful intimate setting for small weddings, but most likely wouldn’t be able to cater to your wedding with 150 guests. All my couples are unique and individual. The common thread in these photos is me, the rest is down to the style are location chosen by the couple.


It’s all about family and friends…

Weddings are about so many things, but right at the top of the list has got to be friends and family, they’re the reason for the get together, they’re the people who have supported you through your lives and want to celebrate your love for each other.


I love capturing the important people at weddings and so very often those are the nearest and dearest, be that the couple’s children, their best friends (however mad they might be!) capturing the special bond between a father and daughter (above) is priceless, as is the love of a mother to her children. Even capturing a couple with their beloved pet was special for them. Capturing those little cuddles and moments of sheer joy and laughter on your special day is what drives me to be the best at what I do. And hearing the feedback from couples saying how precious those memories are (sometimes years down the line when they have lost their loved ones) means so much to me, and pushes me to keep going.



…and of course the couple:

There are too many images and names to remember, but every couple is unique, and the images that capture them together have to match their personalities.

One couple prefers traditional poses, another may want something more ‘out there’ and that’s fine by me. The key is capturing them as they are. You don’t want to look at a photo of yourself 20yrs down the line and wonder why on earth you took that shot!. Your wedding photos are there to bring back your memories, and I as the photographer have to fade into the background.