Tonight, my last attempt at creating a burning man effect paid off! Although not quite your classic ‘burning man’ effect, it certainly (I think) looks quite wonderful. The way it seems like I am caught in the middle of the lights swirling around me is what I wanted to achieve, a slightly magical, all in camera with no photoshop effect. Hope you like it!

The photo was achieved by me firing a flash gun straight at the background close behind me, which ‘fixes’ the silhouette in place, I then used two glow sticks and waved them around in front and around me to create the swirls of light. The camera was set to manual, with a 30 second exposure at f22.

I’ve also included here another photo I took of The ring of Fire photo effect, just because it was such a lovely location.

I’d love to hear any ideas or see any similar photos anyone has taken to these on my Facebook page.