We’re still playing with light this week, Stacey and I decided late last night to capture some special effects with the use of a flash gun. So we headed down to West Grinstead, where a disused train tunnel, now a part of the South Downs Link Cycle Path, provided a great location for photo shoot.

Both photos have only been cropped, and no other post editing has taken place on these images.

The first one is a ‘Double Exposure’ as you can see me twice in the same photo. By firing the flash from the end of the tunnel I have provided enough light to give a bit of a sense of scale of the tunnel, and I am caught in the light given off by the flash at the same time. As this was a 30sec exposure, I then ran down the tunnel (in the dark) and then closer to the mouth of the tunnel I pointed the flash at the side of the wall (on the left of the frame) and fired the flash again, this has silhouetted me against the now over-exposed side wall allowing me to appear twice in one photo. I would have done a few more exposures of the same idea, but apart from my batteries in the flash gun going low and so taking longer and longer to charge, it was 11:30pm so time for bed.

The second exposure, was actually taken first, but is a repeat of last week’s photo The Ring Of Fire, just because this was such a cool setting to try it out in, it had to be done. A little warning to any other photographers trying this idea out under cover like this….make sure you are wearing a good hat, I’m wearing a beanie in this photo, and got hit on the head a few times by falling sparks, and although the beanie is fine my hair was a little singed!