Capturing the Unforgettable Proposal at Devil’s Dyke, East Sussex

A Sunset Symphony: In the heart of East Sussex, where rolling hills embrace the sky, a love story unfolded against the backdrop of Devil's Dyke. It wasn’t just a proposal; it was a symphony of meticulous planning, breathtaking sunset hues, and the discreet artistry of engagement photography. Setting the Stage: Meet Alex, a young man with stars in his eyes and a heart brimming with

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Engagement photo shoot in Horsham Woodland

Dana got in touch recently as she wanted some engagement photos taken with her partner to celebrate this special time in their lives. We organised to do the shoot in Leechpool woods in Horsham, one of my favourite spots for photographing couples and young families. The weather was perfect, and Dana and Mohammed both dressed perfectly to complement each other (I think we looked almost

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Photographing a wedding proposal to remember!

Planning a wedding proposal: Alex got in touch with me a month or so back, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend of several years and was looking for a photographer to capture "the moment"! We planned the wedding proposal and photos together via email over a the course of a week or so before selecting Devil's Dyke. We arranged to meet there a

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Engagement Photographer in West Sussex

I just wanted to share this beautiful image captured recently on an engagement photo shoot. John and Kate are getting married at the beautiful Ghyll Manor Hotel in August and we went to capture a few photos of them together as a bit of a warm up to their big day. This couple love nothing more than a bit of a tango on as I'm

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