It’s wedding season again! Woohoo! :-)

Weddings are one of my favourite things to photograph; and wedding season gives me plenty of opportunity to photograph some absolutely gorgeous weddings! Often times I just get so busy that I simply don’t have the time to share each wedding (as is the case again this year!) but a few of the weddings I’ve photographed so far this summer have been so beautiful and unique that I just had to share a few photos. The photographs below were taken at three weddings I’ve photographed in the last month and are a great example of what I love to photograph at weddings.

First and foremost I love weddings for the details, be that the dress, the veil, the bouquet, the groom’s suit and button hole, the shoes, there’s always so much detail and every detail tells a part of your wedding story. For example, the ‘random’ photo of the bee on the lavender was taken at a beautiful venue where there was loads of lavender around, and that lavender was covered in bees. The bride, the flower girls and several guests mentioned them at various points during the day and although not an ‘important’ moment, were a part of the day. Without the photo record those moments would be forgotten (trust me there’s just so much going on at a wedding that tiny details like that would get forgotten!) and so I strive to capture those ‘little moments’ as well as the ‘big moments’ that make up your wedding day.

wedding photo of the wedding dress detailswedding photo of the detailing on the back of the bride's dresswedding photo of the groom's suit detailswedding photo of the bride's bouquetwedding photo showing the detail of the bride's shoes and bouquetwedding photo of the churchwedding photo of a bee in the bushes

The bride and groom are the focus of the day, and as such I capture a lot of photos of them, everything from formal to impromptu and off the cuff/shooting from the hip wedding photos, grabbing those moments and that ‘look’ that speaks a thousand words. As a wedding photographer I’m always at the ready, camera in hand ready to grab those moments. Many of the couples that I photograph say that they don’t like to be in front of the camera and I get that (it’s one of the reasons I got into photography myself!) sometimes that’s just nerves, other times it’s due to a them being embarrassed about their figure.

With years of experience under my belt, when it comes to the formal couple photos, working with couples to help them relax and pose in a way that feels natural, looks beautiful and flattering comes naturally to me, allowing their personalities to shine through in the resulting photos.

wedding photo of the bride and groom laughing together wedding photo of the bride and groom kissing in the back of a car wedding photo of bride and groom talking with their daughterwedding photo of the bride and groom spending a quiet moment togetherwedding photo of the bride and groom kissing surrounded by confettiwedding photo of the bride and groom out in a field at sunsetwedding photo of the bride and groom looking out over a fieldwedding photo of couple kissing

There’s often a few children at a wedding, kids are never a pain at a wedding, they are always a joy, and photographing them provides such gorgeous photos. Children are not afraid to show their emotions (be that the excitement and anticipation before the wedding) and they don’t pose, they just play! Capturing their enjoyment of the big day is right up there on my to-do list on the day.

wedding photo of a flower girl looking at the photographerwedding photo of flower girls peeking through a door to spot their parentswedding photo of flower girls about to open a doorwedding photo of a flower girl holding a flower

The speeches, for some people they are a bore, but none the less they provide a great opportunity to capture some lovely photos, especially of your guests and there’s often plenty of laughter and shenanigans to be captured for posterity.

wedding photo of the groom giving his speech wedding photo of a man listening to the wedding speeches wedding photo of people toasting the speeches

Last but not least, the first dance, be it a fully choreographed arrangement or a simple slow dance, it’s always a magical moment and I’m always surprised how many photos I can capture in the 3-4mins most songs last! Again though, what I’m looking to convey in these photos is the joy of the moment, the passion shared and the romance as the couple celebrate their union.

wedding photo of a bride and groom enjoying their first danceWedding photo of the couple doing their first dance

There are so many other photos that I take on a wedding day, these are but a few of my favourites. I’m always looking for the next shot, always working to get the best angle and always looking to capture the best wedding photographs that the couple will want hanging on their wall for years to come.