At the start of every new year I often look back at the year that has just passed, briefly evaluating and assessing the highlights and learning points that I have had in the year gone by. I then look forward to the year ahead in anticipation of all the things I will have the opportunity to do and achieve in the year ahead.

Looking back over the year gone by, I was struck by how well travelled I’ve become, at the start of the year I would not have called myself a destination wedding photographer, but here I am at the end of the year and I have travelled out of ‘my’ local area to photograph weddings both overseas and in the far flung reaches of the UK. And I am already looking forward to doing more of the same in the year ahead, with two weddings already booked well outside my usual stomping ground of West Sussex.

My ultimate wedding to photograph in the last year has to have been Jos and Jade’s wedding in May. Their lovely wedding in the Tuscan hills of Italy was a real dream come true for me and has really broadened my horizons as a photographer. You can read a little more about it here.

Couple spending a moment together after the wedding ceremony in Tuscany, Italy.

A very close second (if not joint first) is Julia and Tom’s wedding in September. I’ve had the privilege of knowing this lovely couple for a good few years now (from my rock climbing days!) and was really excited when they asked me to capture their big day. They promised me a simple wedding with not too many frills, but boy did they go to town and make it memorable (and I should really have written an entire blog post about it!) But just to point out a few highlights for me: The great outdoors (outdoor weddings rock!), Salcombe Bay, Start Point Light House, Fishing boats, bomb-fires (and marshmallows), the Milky Way, and a great group of friends and family really made their day super special.

Those were by far the most spectacular two weddings I’ve photographed in my entire time as a wedding photographer. And I’m ready and willing to take up the challenge to find more beautiful/amazing and fantastic weddings to photograph in the year ahead.

Here’s just a couple of wedding details (from as of yet un-photographed weddings) from my year ahead.

In April, I’m shooting Penny and Jason’s wedding, and they are going to have a full size suit of armour and a Dalek at their wedding…

June brings a wedding in a tumbled down barn (I’m praying hard for good weather there!)

July will see me photographing Bev and Dan’s wedding at another barn where everyone is camping in the field around the barn, so it’ll be more like a festival.

And in August I’m photographing a wedding ceremony that’s taking place out under the open sky in the beautiful Sussex countryside. That’s just a few of the weddings I’ve got booked in for this coming year and I am so excited to capture them all! I can’t wait to be stretched and challenged to photograph ever more beautiful weddings.