This is a quick photo of the Pure Photos photography studio all set up and ready for action. For the vast majority of our family photo shoots we use the white background show which provides a beautiful high-key image of you and your family. Our studio is based in Horsham at StPeter’s Hall which is on Three Acres Road in Horsham (West sussex, RH12 1RS) just opposite the Busy Bees Nursery, and next door to the Needles Children & Family Centre.

The studio setup we use has five flash heads, four of which are used to light up the background, which makes the background truly white. The main light, on the left hand side of the photo, is for our subjects and is called a softbox. The softbox is a large box which fits over the flash allowing a maximum amount of light to fall onto a subject whilst softening it so as to reduce the appearance of any shadows. The easiest way to imagine it is that it’s about the same as a fluffy white cloud covering the sun.

The background itself is 3m wide by 10m long, and provides a great space for little ones to run around and enjoy themselves whilst we capture beautiful photos of them running, jumping and generally having fun. The studio fits a maximum of six people, so for larger families we recommend a location photo shoot. But for individuals, small families, children and teenagers there’s no environment like the studio, where they get to be the centre of attention and strut their stuff under our photographic studio lights.

For individuals or small groups and events wanting a photo booth, we can also use the pop-up background (shown on the right hand side of the image) to provide a white background, or for those who prefer a black background which really makes individual portraits stand out, we can use the back of the pop-up background to shoot portraits as well.

If you’d like to know more about our studio, feel free to get in touch, or better yet make a booking and come and see it first hand, we’re always happy to talk clients through our studio and how it all works.