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A few months ago, Carl Watts, a good friend of mine went to visit an organisation in Stupini, Romania. What he saw there changed his life! A cycle of poverty which leaves the poor stuck in blocks of flats with twelve people in an eight meter square room, no running water and a communal kitchen/bathroom catering for eight flats (that’s 96 people sharing 1 sink, 1 toilet and 1 shower)

Living in such conditions has led to a gang culture, crime and alcoholism in the area, leaving children effectively without help and support in their school work and education. Into this situation in 1995 a young lady called Lacra, herself a Romanian and from a similar background, came as a newly qualified as a teacher and with a vision to help break the cycle of poverty and crime in Stupini.

To do this would mean working with the young people and helping them to learn, study and graduate from school and university, thus enabling them to get good jobs and move away from this impoverished area.

With only £50 a month, Lacra started an after school club in one of the local flats. As support has grown she has moved out from the flats and now buses children in from poor areas across the city for a hot meal, help with their homework and extra lessons where needed. The results of this can clearly be seen, with two young ladies graduating from the university of Brasov this year, an opportunity which would never have been available to them without the Stupini Kids program.

So… after seeing all this Carl, decided to throw his weight behind the program as well. And as a professional golfer he organised a golf day for the charity, and not only that, he talked the RSA into donating a fully kitted out minibus to help bus the kids in to the Homework club every day, and I was invited along to take photos of the day, with profits from photo sales going to the  Stupini Kids charity.

Needless to say I jumped at the chance!

And what a day we had, playing golf at the Mannings Heath golf club on their members only course, over 100 competitors and a whole lot of yummy food, we ended the day with a raffle, winners prizes and an auction, which included some great golfing memorabilia. In total we raised over £16,000 (minibus not included) for the charity! What an awesome event!

We all enjoyed a great day out, making new friends and meeting up with old ones and raising what will be a huge amount of money for this amazing charity in Romania.

Thank you Carl for your passion to help these kids. And to Lacra who’s an inspiration to many.

To purchase any prints from this event please visit our online shop. Profits from sales will be donated to the Stupini Kids charity.