Simon and ‘M’ got married recently at St Phillips Church, Burwash Weald in East Sussex. The church was packed, and for a change I got to enjoy the service, as photography wasn’t allowed during the ceremony.

The ceremony was led by Cannon Paul Cox, who’s stern look reminded me of one of my old headteachers, but once we’d spoken he had a ready smile and a great sense of humour.

As M came down the aisle it looked like she’d stepped out of a fairy tale story, the veil over her face couldn’t hide her eyes shinning with joy as she caught sight of Simon waiting for her at the alter.

The friends and family had come from all across the UK, including a bus load of folk who made it down from the Midlands. The reception was equally stunning, with views of the South Downs from the massive Tepees they were using as their venue in a friend’s field. Speaking of which, this particular friend happened to have the most stunning garden I’ve seen anywhere, outside of a National Trust property! So we whisked the happy couple off for 20mins, surrounded by flowers, bubbling brooks and long grasses Simon and M matched their surroundings beautifully. The whole day went without a hitch, bar the weather which was typically British, but everyone including the children had fun. As the sun began to fade a fire was lit in the tepee, which created a great community feel as people hovered around the open space around the fire watching the flames dance, and enjoying the relaxing music provided by the live band in the background.

When we left the bride and groom had just completed their first dance and the dance floor was crammed full of friends and family dancing and enjoying the entertainment.

It’s not often as a wedding photographer that you get to photograph a wedding which is so picture perfect! Most venues have their ups and downs, but Simon and M circumvented the normal venues and found what suited them best. Which for me provided perfectly lit venues, stunning backgrounds and beautiful gardens to capture the happy couple in.

The photos above are just a few of my personal favourite photos I took that day. Thank you Simon and M for having me as part of your wedding day.