The Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS) Prom was held this last weekend and I was asked to attend as the event photographer to capture some formal and informal photos of everyone attending. What can I say! We had a great time, with 150 students who had just finished all their exams celebrating and enjoying the atmosphere of the Oakwood School ground (just outside Chichester) it was a perfect evening, with beautiful warm sunshine and stunning dresses and some very dapper young gentlemen and a few…interesting suits!

The prom went off without a hitch under the watchful eye of Meggie, a sixth form student who wants to get into event management, who arranged the whole event. All in all it was a fantastic school prom.

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Please enjoy the photos here, and if you want to see more of those, please follow the link to

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We took our brand new Event Photography Studio for it’s inaugural outing. With a new printer and new background or ‘photo booth’ which increases the number of people we can fit to easily hold 10 or more people for a studio portrait photo, we were really excited to get stuck in with this Prom. Taking Formal portraits of the guests and their friends was one of my jobs, as well as photographing the guests arriving in their prom dresses and finest outfits.