I’ve just spent the day at Langshot Manor Hotel near Horley (Surrey) at the wedding of Sarah Legrove and Matt Carter. The day was incredible! The venue, Langshot Manor, was stunning. Their gardens were meticulously kept and full of white peanoies, giving the gardens a wonderful scent and making the day a dream for me as the photographer to capture the happy couple in. The Manor house itself and surrounding cottages would have had Americans falling over themselves they were so quaint.

The whole day was incredible, with Matt running a tight ship, which ran almost perfectly to time. His super tanned best man, Jason, was organizing all the guests and making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time (thanks for the help Jason, especially with the group photos). Sarah was a wonderful sight to behold, her hair remained pristine throughout the day, despite the wind and weather’s best attempts to get the better of it. Her lace wedding dress was beautifully detailed and her bouquet, made by the bride’s mother, was a work of art in it’s own right. Sarah’s daughter, Lois, was the flower girl and was a pleasure to watch as she constantly tried to get the bride and her mother to cry, or coming in at just the right ‘panic’ moment and telling the bride how beautiful she was!

Let me just say as a wedding photographer there were no end of possible photo moments on the day and I’m going to have my job cut out for me looking through and choosing the best of the 2000+ photographs which we took on the day.

Matt and Sarah, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your most spectacular wedding day, I really enjoyed being a part of it and I hope you enjoy the memories for many years to come.

Above are just a few teaser photos from the wedding that I’ve quickly put up. I will publish a few more photos once I’ve completed the editing process.

For those of you who wanted to buy any portraits of yourselves that were taken for the photographic guest book, at Langshot Manor, please visit our online shop.