I was contacted by Monique about a month and a half ago about photographing her wedding, fortunately I had a space in my diary on her wedding day and so we met up over a coffee to discuss their plans. Monique is one of those beautiful ladies, who immediately stands out in a crowd, and as I saw her arrive for our first meeting I knew that I wanted to photograph her wedding. We talked through her ideas and plans, and she certainly came prepared with a selection of photos which she liked from other weddings and a full detailed break down of her wedding day. We agreed on what she was looking for and a date was set to meet Mark and her daughter at Cisswood House Hotel, one of Sussex’s leading wedding reception venues.

At our second meeting, I was bowled away by Mark, he was funny and enthusiastic and clearly excited to be marrying Monique. As we walked around the Cisswood House Hotel grounds we looked at various wedding photo locations which we could use and got to know each other a bit better, as the next meeting would be on the wedding day. Which arrived in late May, and what a day it was! Beautiful sunshine, lovely locations and a stunning couple, what more could a wedding photographer ask for?

Mark and Monique are certainly one of the most photogenic couples I have ever captured, and I’m pleased to say that their wedding day went without any hiccups. They were married at Horsham Regristy Office, and we spent 45mins after the wedding ceremony capturing the couple in the beautiful park garden of the Town Hall, the kids were running around enjoying the warm weather and kindly paused for some photos for me, which made everyone smile with the combination of formal and totally informal wedding photography being combined seamlessly capturing the mood and feel of this lovely wedding.

We then moved on to Cisswood House, where we captured all the necessary formal wedding group photos before I whisked the bride and groom off for a short walk around the garden, leaving them enough space to enjoy each other, whilst keeping a careful watch over them through my camera lens to make sure I captured the magic of their wedding day.

Thank you Mark and Monique for asking me to capture these photos for you.