I am pleased to announce that the edits and album design for Mark and Lauren Parry’s wedding is now complete. The only thing left to do is wait for the printers who are creating the album to deliver the finished product, and by the blurb on their site you’d think they were sculpting it out of pure diamonds!

For those of you who wanted to buy any portraits of yourselves that were taken in the wedding reception photo booth, at the Holbrook Club,  please visit our online shop.

Mark and Lauren’s wedding took place at St Mark’s Church in Horsham on the 5th May 2012. To see the preview photos of their wedding please visit the original post about their wedding.

As a wedding photographer it’s always a privilege for me to spend so much of the happy couple’s wedding day with them. I get to capture the nervous bride as she prepares, the anxious groom in the moments before the ceremony and the ecstasy of their first kiss. But my favourite time of the day is always as I take the bride and groom away from the crowds and give them some space to be themselves, the couple shoot as I call it is the first time for them to (nearly) be alone together, they can talk and laugh together without having to perform for the camera or their friends and family. This time is so precious because until then most couples haven’t had the chance to talk properly together and they will spend the rest of the day surrounded by their family and friends. So for me this is the best time of the day to capture the true love that shines between the couple, as they remember their nerves and worries of just a few hours before and laugh together about the little things.

Mark and Lauren were no exception and I loved every moment of their day. I look forward to many more years of seeing such love and joy demonstrated by such wonderful people.

Thanks for asking me to take these photos, I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.