When someone asks you to photograph a make-over studio photo shoot for them you know that the bar has been set high. The standard of photography and re-touching required for a beauty/fashion shoot is different from a family photo shoot for the simple reason being that the focus is primarily on one person and that person has to look absolutely fantastic! Of course I agreed to the request and photographed these two stunning ladies.

The photo shoot was booked as a birthday present for Alex by her best friend Jessica, they arrived having already had their hair and make-up done. Naturally they proceeded to primp and prepare themselves just that final little bit more…not that it was in any way necessary. I was also bombarded with questions of ‘can you airbrush…[this]’ and ‘can you airbrush…[that]’ and the answer as always was ‘Yes of course’ and ‘We’ll see what can be done’. These ladies were picture perfect and I can’t describe how much fun we had during their shoot, the laughter and giggles was constant, creating a fantastic relaxed atmosphere which resulted in a selection of gorgeous photos.

Their one hour studio session lasted significantly longer than anticipated, but that was not at all an issue for these lovely ladies, as they were the ones coming up with more poses (mostly for each other) and pushing themselves to the limits, which was fun considering that at the start that Alex, the birthday girl, had been feeling a bit shy in front of the camera. I’m sure the bottle of prosecco that was consumed during the shoot also helped them both to relax and really enjoy their¬†time.

At the end of the day, both ladies were delighted with the results and have sworn to be back soon! I can’t wait!