When I received an email last month asking if I could do a family photo shoot, on location, at a farm near Wisborough Green in the Sussex Countryside I jumped at the opportunity. (Can you tell I’ve been doing too many weddings recently!) The opportunity to spend an afternoon out in the fields photographing a family on holiday sounded perfect, and although I enjoy photographing weddings in Horsham and West Sussex…they do tend to follow a very similar pattern. So for me it was a welcome break from the norm.

Jo had found me online and contacted me to take some “updated picture of (her farther’s) 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren, the last one was 12 years ago”. So on Monday I went down to Wisborough Green, and arrived a little early and caught the family just finishing off their lunch. So having been pointed out into the fields and towards the farm’s barns I took a short walk about to explore their land. I must admit I thought to myself ‘this is perfect…I just hope the kids aren’t shy!’. And I wasn’t to be disappointed.

The kids were lively and fun, but quickly adjusted to being models…and I must say I think they should start a family modelling business myself. The whole family was great to work with, even the grandparents came along to join in with some of the photos and as we worked through the various family groupings they all relaxed and enjoyed being in front of my camera. We got talking about geocaching, one of my hobbies, which they were into as well. And we even reproduced their last family photo, which was a good laugh, given that the youngest who is now much taller, but at the time was a baby had to sit right at the front, still we made it work and I personally think it’s come out rather well.

We finished the afternoon off with the formal family photos, with grandparents, dogs and everyone in on the final photos. A perfect family record shot to keep for many years to come, just don’t leave it 12 years next time Jo! Kids do grow up fast.

So just as a taster…here’s a few of my, un-edited, favourites from the afternoon.