As a family photographer, one of my favourite things is capturing families over time. I love getting to know the families that I shoot, and I love watching their family grow and develop over the years. Having also shot weddings I’ve even had the privilege of photographing families from their moment of creation (their wedding day) and as the years have passed these families come back, time and again and I must say that I now count many of these couples and their families as friends.

As a professional, I’ve heard so many times how I should keep a ‘professional distance’ from my customers, but that simply isn’t who I am, and I can’t help but get in with couples and their kids, finding out what makes them tick and getting to know them on a deeper level. Which at the end of the day ends up building a relationship, which I believe gives us the result of high quality family¬†photos where the subjects really engage with the camera (ie: me as the photographer).

Here’s just a few family and wedding photos showing a few of the families I’ve photographed over the years.

Two family photos taken a year apartFour family photos taken over the course of four yearsFamily photos taken several years apart showing a wedding, first born and second born child

Family photos showing the same family over the course of four yearsFour photos of the same family over the course of three yearsFamily photos, showing their family from wedding day through first child as a newborn and on to that child becoming a toddler