I thought that everyone would enjoy a few of the photos I took this weekend. I met a lovely family from Crawley at the Tilgate Park event, which I was providing event photography coverage for, a few months back and we’ve kept in touch since as I’d captured some lovely photos of her daughter at that event.

They asked me if they could book me in for a family photo shoot of their family closer to Christmas so that hey could use the photos as cards, and boy did we have fun when they got here! And what a wonderful family to photograph. They brought at least one change of outfit each for the kids, and loads of fun little props for them to play with (mum’s shoes and lippy were a big hit!) They also brought some tinsel to create a nice Christmas family portrait of them all ‘wrapped up’.

The studio photo shoot went perfectly, the kids were probably the best behaved little ones I’ve ever had in our photo studio in Horsham, and we managed to capture some lovely photos of all the family together as well as individually and some of just the kids on their own.

All in all we had a great time and have some wonderful photos of this beautiful family for them to share, show off and enjoy for many years to come.

Thank you for asking to take these photos for you all.