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The Belmont School fundraising event was billed as a 007 (James Bond) themed evening. With the ladies dressed to the nines (although no one dared wear a white bikini) and the men sporting bow ties and carrying an assortment of weapons or dressed as USSR generals. As well as some other fantastic costumes the event was a total hit! With auctions ranging from a pair of diamond earings, to being headmaster of this prestigious school (for a day). Ladies and Gentlemen you all looked amazing, you danced hard, and got involved in raising money for a great cause. But not only that you were great fun to spend the evening with and I hope you all enjoyed the fun. I dare say I’ve never seen so many people hit the dance floor right from the word go than at this do!

A special thank you must go to Nicky Curran who invited me to take part in this event. I hope it raised a significant amount of funds for the school, and I hope I get asked to do it again.

To purchase any prints from this event please visit our online shop.

From a photography point of view, we were faced with a challenge, we initially had 45 minutes to photograph every guest as they arrived at a champagne reception. The remainder of the evening was meant to be spent selling the photos we’d taken in that 45 minutes. Unfortunately in the time allocated we only managed about 25 couples (about half the total guest list). The remainder of the guests it appears weren’t even aware of our presence, due to being in a side room. So with typical Alex White panache we revised our plans and set-up a mini studio in our spot. With no space for my regular white background and usual array of lights we made do with a single flash and a black sheet (which had originally been a table cloth). Once the sit down dinner was over we quickly rallied those folks who had missed out in the drinks reception and got them all ‘shot’ in our firing range. The result was some great shots of all the guests at the event (and even some of the serving staff) And thanks to the change in background most of the original guests came back for seconds, which is always great.