One of my favourite local wedding venues combined with the most beautiful couple (Lexy and Phil) in the autumn, last year. With their Terry Pratchett themed wedding there was definitely a slightly otherworldly feel to the whole day.

Lexy got ready in the Ghyl Cottage (a small self contained cottage belonging to the hotel next door) whilst the groomsmen finished off the final preparations in the Hunsdon Hall before heading back home to get ready themselves.

Once back at Ghyll Manor the groomsmen, who for the best part had known each other from childhood, stepped up to the game and created some great photo moments for me, one of which nearly landed me in the pond!

Fortunately for me, the bride and her bridesmaids were nearly ready and the guests were all waiting so we headed up to the hotel ready for the ceremony.

Thirty minutes later, with perfect beautiful weather Lexy and Phil emerged as Mr & Mrs to a barrage of confetti and cheers from their friends and loved ones.


With the sun sitting lower than the usual summer sun we headed for the shade of two massive oak trees to capture the group photos.


Before heading off around the grounds once again to capture this stunning couple together.

I particularly love this photo, as one of only a few people to find out on the day that Lexy and Phil had only recently found out they were expecting (Lexy had only had her first scan the day before the wedding).

I couldn’t have wished for a more photogenic and fun couple to capture at such a beautiful time of year as this.


There was plenty of tom foolery,

And plenty of Terry Pratchett moments.


All I can say is that I wish everyone would plan in as much detail, and enjoy their wedding day as much as this beautiful couple. I wish them all the best in their life together (especially as they prepare for the arrival of their little one). And hope to have the chance to photograph them again as a family soon.