For those of you who remember Lauren and Mark, I was their wedding photographer for them back in early May, well after the wedding they asked me to design and have printed their wedding album for them, now although I’ve done this before (for Stacey and myself) and I’ve helped my brother and his wife design theirs when they got married, I’ve never actually designed and had printed a top quality leather bound wedding album costing hundreds of pounds.

So you can imagine the responsibility of taking someone’s wedding photos, and then transferring them from the screen to an album for someone else! So once again, I invited Mark and Lauren round so we could discuss their likes and dislikes when it comes to design. (Because there’s nothing worse than working hard at something and then having your client tell you they don’t like your style!) Big credit to Mark and Lauren who were very relaxed and enthusiastic about my ideas and suggestions.

So after our meeting I got on with the design work, it was a real joy to re-live the day over again, and looking through their photos just remembering how happy they were on the day.

As always I sent a preview through to Mark and Lauren to give me their opinion.

Their response:

Oh my gosh Alex if it’s gonna be anywhere near as good as the preview……..

So it was off to the printers with the design, and a nail biting three week wait for the album to be delivered. But finally it arrived! And we had a very happy couple, the real Italian leather album was absolutely stunning and the box it came in was equally beautiful. So all in all, a great experience for me, and a happy couple with the result.

Thanks for asking me to do this for you Mark and Lauren, it was a privilege to be so involved in your big day. I hope you enjoy your album for many years to come.