If there’s one thing I love most about my job it’s watching families grow, being there as a family and wedding photographer from the start of a couple’s relationship I really enjoy getting to know people.

Ranjith and Vaihari

So it was with great pleasure that I had an email a few weeks back from Vaihari (who’s wedding to Ranjith I photographed in 2016, and then again last autumn I photographed them when they were 47 weeks pregnant). They then moved North and I was disappointed not to have the chance to capture their little one’s arrival for them as they’d originally intended.

So the joy was the email was to let me know they were in the area for a weekend, and were desperate to capture some photos with their daughter who was now turning one! Needless to say I went out of my way to accommodate them (as they’re basically now friends) so I moved a few things around in the diary to make space for them.

The Shoot

They were staying up in London with friends so I went up to meet them at Painshill Gardens, a beautifully maintained garden right near the A3. It was raining as I drove up to meet them and I was worried we’d be sheltering for the entire session, but as I arrived and pulled into the car park the skies cleared! Needless to say the photo shoot was fantastic, we walked around the park with the little one in her colourful rainbow jumper and Ranjith and Vaihari clearly loving being parents to such a lovely little lady. And best of all they’ve promised to get in touch when the next one is due, I can’t wait! :-)

Special honour

It’s been such a pleasure and an honour getting to know and photograph Ranjith and Vaihari over the last two years. And it’s even more special getting to watch them as they grow and develop the next generation of their family. It’s truly humbling and makes me love my job more than ever!

Mother father and baby photo

Father and baby looking out over a pond

Baby standing

Baby crawling